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Ayy I posted two songs

2017-09-20 21:16:14 by rockmasterflex69

Necessary required body text


2013-09-17 12:03:34 by rockmasterflex69

I have a really hard time committing to projects lately. I just get frustrated with them and give up. So I'll probably be posting some inciompletes with no idea where to go from there.


2012-05-10 17:32:35 by rockmasterflex69

I R not deads, I do spend alot of time doing other things, and am sorta waiting till Windows 8 to fully re-setup my entire computer setup on my solid state drive for FL studio to really reap the benefits.

New to Newgrounds

2009-07-19 03:37:18 by rockmasterflex69

I am new to being a registered user here though definitely not new to the site. I am primarily going to use this to share my FL Studio compositions/remixes, and would appreciate any and all constructive criticism. Even if I don't respond to it, I still get it.