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2012-05-10 17:32:35 by rockmasterflex69

I R not deads, I do spend alot of time doing other things, and am sorta waiting till Windows 8 to fully re-setup my entire computer setup on my solid state drive for FL studio to really reap the benefits.


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2012-05-10 19:07:37

Same here.. I've had it since the beginning and I'm waiting to get my Skype, printer, basically all hardware not made by Microsoft. I never took those things for granted but I also wasn't properly told they weren't going to work. It's funny looking back, we had to do the whole compatibility search deal and I had to only take off one thing. Security Essentials.. Everything else they claimed would be working after a patch here and there. Yeah, I've got things I'd like to post but I'm going to wait. I can post music I'm sure..